Featured Samples

  • Rush University Medical Center Find-a-Doctor Profile Videos: Overview

    Rush Powers Media is collaborating with Rush University Medical Center's marketing team to produce 30-to-60-second video clips for each doctor affiliated with the hospital. These videos bring the physician's credentials and personality to life and accompany their Find-a-Doctor online profile. Our responsibilities on the project include appointment scheduling coordination and project management, as well as shooting and interviewing each doctor, editing each interview into a clip for review, supervising the review process, and delivering the final version of each doctor's clip in a web-ready format. This overview video demonstrates a sampling of the different types of the more than 500 doctors that have participated in the project thus far. It also features testimonial interviews from patients discussing how the videos have enhanced their healthcare experience. The Find-a-Doctor video profile campaign was awarded Best Healthcare Provider Online Video in the 2012 Internet Advertising Competition and has received several other awards.

  • UIC: Research/Innovation on a Global Scale

    The Chancellor's office at the University of Illinois at Chicago has been contracting with Rush Powers Media to produce all of the video for their 60-minute Campus Insights presentations for the Board of Trustees since 2012. The video above premiered at the conclusion of the January 2015 event and is used at various high level board meetings and at meetings/events with key external constituencies including elected officials and civic and community leaders. The video provides a general overview of UIC's global reach and features the international work, research and innovation of five faculty members and one student. Our role in the creation of this video included creative development, booking interviewees, shooting and conducting all interviews, capturing b-roll footage, gathering pre-existing photos, creating motion graphics, video storytelling and editing, and delivering the video as a live presentation version and the web/promotional version seen here.


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