Why Invest in Video?

  • It’s the best way to CONNECT with audiences

    For decades, video has proven itself as an effective icebreaker. It engages and excites an audience in a way that mere words and images can’t. The combination of moving images, sound, animated text and graphics, and music captivates viewers and demands a reaction whether it's featured during a sales pitch, a funder meeting, a conference, or online.

  • It COMPLEMENTS existing investments

    You’ve most likely already spent time and money on communications efforts such as a website, printed materials, e-newsletters or photographs. Each of these can be repurposed and given a new life when incorporated into a video project. You can also extend the reach of live events – such as training sessions, panel discussions, keynote speeches or awards banquets – by recording and disseminating them as video.

  • It Maximizes the power of the Internet

    Sites like YouTube have made it simple – and free – to post video content online and tell your stories to a wider audience. Google’s preferential treatment of video in its universal search results allows you to reach audiences that aren’t even seeking out your video content, making it an essential component of online marketing.


    Recent technological advances have greatly reduced the price of professional video cameras and video editing equipment. By combining our investment in these low-cost innovations with our years of professional experience, Rush Powers Media is able to keep overhead low and produce high-quality video for a fraction of the traditional cost. Our fees generally range from $500 to $10,000 per project.



  • 76%

    marketers plan to increase their use of online video, making it a higher priority than other social media tools

    source: Social Media Examiner

  • Percent of mobile video viewers who share videos with others:


    source: the e-tailing group

  • more than


    of the U.S. Internet audience watches video online

    source: comScore

  • Internet video viewers watch an average of

    19 hours per month

    source: comScore

  • By 2016, video will make up


    of internet traffic.

    source: Cisco

  • 2/3

    the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2017

    source: Cisco